Sabriel – Anniversary Edition

Individual Title
25th Anniversary Edition

Garth Nix’s masterwork is a compelling high fantasy, the gripping story of a young heroine who must do battle in Death itself to defeat a powerful enemy. A tale of dark secrets, deep love and dangerous magic.

Enter the Old Kingdom, a world of dark secrets and dangerous magic.

As a child, Sabriel was sent across the Wall to Ancelstierre to safety. Now eighteen years old, she receives a cryptic and desperate message from her father, the Abhorsen—the magical protector whose task it is to bind and send back to Death those who won’t stay Dead.

Fiercely determined to help her father, who is perilously trapped in Death, and save him from the sinister Free Magic entity that has somehow ensnared him, Sabriel must prepare to enter Death herself—and find her destiny.

To preserve life, the Abhorsen must enter death.

Exclusive content including an original short story set in Sabriel’s school days and other extras complete this special hardcover edition.

The Details

Publisher: Harper Collins
Published: August 2021
ISBN-10: 0063040506
ISBN-13: 978-0063040502